Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring – DeeDoc Consulting offers its solution, the DeeDoc TruWatch™, which is a 24/7 all-in-one monitoring platform that is both affordable and scalable for small to medium businesses. DeeDoc is able to provide server, network, workstation, and security monitoring with its TruWatch™ platform. Among other functions, TruWatch™ consolidates server, network, application, workstation, and end-user experience performance metrics to provide a holistic view of your organization’s IT state of affairs.

The DeeDoc TruWatch™ Network Monitoring and Performance Management Solutions includes:

  • SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) monitoring
  • Network device connectivity
  • TCP service monitoring
  • Network Security

Our technical support can spot problems early, and show where upgrades are needed and deliver better network performance with the DeeDoc TruWatch™.